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Fixed up Gurdjieff with some support materials and videos....

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A place where everyone can understand each other if they wanted...across the ages...but for a mature audience.

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In times of great upheavals, people will often like to start blaming others. Who is to blame for this, so we can make it right? If we could only catch the culprit.
Turns out most people are looking in the wrong place: they need to look in the mirror. We make most of our own problems, and we are to blame ourselves, when we cannot fix them.
We can only fix our problems by looking inwards, to our real Self - by looking to higher self, higher bodies, higher powers - organizations, role models, world leaders, saints, prophets, gurus...
I will work on myself, you will work on yourself. Under this agreement, we can work together and both improve. When we can channel higher influences through us, we become an instrument of change, in the world.
And so, Evil Activities are ways of pushing us through hardships and boundaries - through times of great struggle - hopefully to a brighter future.

I will be the change I wish to see in the world; and I want it to get better and better, for myself, my loved ones, and the world, at large.

Many new things are coming soon.. there will be a lot of construction going on here and there----don't mind the construction worker! lol Actuallly, do mind. Mind yourself.



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