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Last Updated: 11/14/2017

Just what is a fuantum you may wonder. What is a fuantum? Well, it is a proper noun, so you should always capitalize it when speaking properly. Fuantum is a nickname derived primarily from "Quantum Physics" and "The Phantom Menace". If you want them, f-you all and then some - either way, Quantum Physics is really cool, huh?

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Read my little booklet if you would like, Happy Thanksgiving 2017!!!! Thanks God, for N OTHI NG just kidding. I love you all again. Sometimes, a little. The Furdjium
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End User License Agreement

This is what you need to know about EULA of Fuantum Thought(s). It is not owned by anyone, but there are selective copyrights on some ideas. This only means, if you do not come to the same conclusion, do not use or believe that it is true and you only disagree. Do not get angry with me. This means, that do not use anything you do not understand. (1) Do not use anything you do not understand. Secondly, you should always remember that you do or do not understand things. So, if you remember, believe it to be true, and find it useful, then by all means use it. I am not completely accountable for evil using these data. I find a balance is necessary. So: (2) Attempt to use the information on this site for yourself, others, and God - using common sense, total recall, and living actuality. The third part of the agreement is a little tricky. If you use "energies", "powers", or "abilities" of others, without their explicit consent, then you could face prosecution by legal authorities. So: (3) Rely on your own "energies", "powers", and "abilities" when considering, installing, or implementing these ideas.

Terms of Use

Do not read this information if you are a screwball or a nutjob. Do not use this information against good people. Use this information primarily for yourself and those near to you in love and spirit. In friendship, email me, only. Do not email me otherwise unless there is a real problem. Do not spend hours every day trying to contact me, when an email is a click away. Do not concentrate on these ideas, my hands, my brains - my "body", my "mind", or my "soul". Do not stare at me without good reason. Do not try to gaze at me through this web site or use it to slander or malign others' reputations. If you do not agree to these terms, you should not click there, where it says here. :)
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(6) Clicking on things is no guarantee that no one saw you do it.

Privacy Statement
I will not share, use, abuse, or ask questions unless rights and liberties are thwarted, and I am made aware of such situations or circumstances.
(6) Fuantum keeps secret things secret... so should you if you agree to the terms.
(7) Never gossip or spread rumors that are false or untrue.

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